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Park Leisure Solutions Climacube Heating


supplied and serviced and available throughout Europe

Higher Performance at Lower Temperatures

Climacube Prime sets new standards for the industry with improved specification, higher performance at lower temperatures (-15 degrees)

Reduces your carbon footprint

By dramatically reducing the energy required to heat water and maintain heat while in operation will result in much lower power usage.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Checks

These can be easily carried out via WiFi and in many cases the issue can be rectified online, saving customers time, money with minimum inconvenience.


The design of the Climacube Systems allows easy installation when specified from new or upgrading any current water heat systems.

save energy time and money

Climacube Prime - Specifically designed for organisations with multi installations of Hot Tubs or Swim Spas

Park leisure Solutions

The award winning Climacube Prime Water Heating System offers the very latest energy saving heat technology, dramatically reducing running costs, increasing customer usage, reducing your carbon footprint and enabling customers to enjoy the Hot Tub, Spa, or Swimspa all year round, at the desired temperature without the concern of cost. Unlike conventional heat systems, Climacube will heat hot tub or spa in around 4-5 hours from cold with a consumption of only 1KW per/hour with a COP of over 3.5 in minus temperatures – meaning a dramatic reduction in your annual energy costs.

Available as a stand-alone unit the Climacube can be retro- fitted or included as a pre-installed feature if required. Based on a thermo-dynamic patented technology, working off a 13 amp supply the revolutionary Climacube is supplied with all the appropriate European wide accreditations and is supplied, serviced and available throughout Europe.

The Climacube Prime Hot Tub and Spa Water Heating System now provides even greater benefits for customers than its award winning predecessor and sets new standards for the industry. With improved specification, higher performance at lower temperatures (-15 degrees), as well as remote monitoring and full diagnostics via WiFi. 

Climacube has been developed using the latest energy saving technology. Designed to create hot water at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional methods, by absorbing ambient heat, similar to a refrigerator but in reverse. The Climacube only requires 800 watts (less than 3.5 amps) to operate. On test at an ambient temperature of 5 degrees C the Climacube produces a rise in temperature of 6 degrees per hour in a 1200 litre hot tub. On test Climacube takes 60% less time to heat than conventional heating elements and up to 80% less energy.

The arrival of the UK designed, award winning Climacube Water Heat System is revolutionising the water leisure industry. With major Operators already using the groundbreaking energy efficient design, saving them energy, time and money. The Climacube Prime on test consistently uses 70-80% less energy than any conventional water heat systems currently available.

By dramatically reducing the energy required to heat your Hot Tub or Spa will result in much lower power usage on heat up and continuous use, dramatically reducing the impact on the environment. The Climacube Prime has full CE European Accreditation and A+ EPC Certification

Climacube Prime Heating Unit on holiday Park

The unique water heat technology within the Climacube Prime will deliver much faster warm up than conventional water heating systems, a key factor particularly on change over days. Saving any inconvenience to customers, allowing greater use at the desired temperature, without high energy bills.

Start benefiting immediately. The unique design of the Climacube Prime Water Heat System allows easy installation to be carried on any new models or upgrading any existing Hot Tub or Spa to the Climacube Commercial System. The Climacube Prime can either operate as the only water heat source or in conjunction with the existing system.

Start Saving Energy & Money Today

Climacube has been developed using the latest available technology. Designed to create hot water at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional systems.



Climacube uses award winning, energy saving, worldwide patented thermodynamic technology. Designed to deliver fast heat up, lower running cost and reduced carbon footprint.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Climacube can be installed from new or retro fitted to the Hot Tub, Spa, Swimspa or Pool, as a complete water heat solution, alternatively working in conjunction with the existing equipment.

Supply & Service

Supply & Service

Fully tested and CE approved the Climacube Water Heating Systems include Europe wide products and parts warranty plus 12 month back to bench warranty for peace of mind.

Much more than heat pump, the Climacube Heat System has been developed to specifically to speed the heating of standing water while drawing only 1kw of energy to put 7kw into the water.
Stuart Mulcahy
Managing Director